Innolift UK is part of the Frendix Group which is a company based in Finland.  Frendix a Finnish technology company, specialises in developing and manufacturing material handling products worldwide for the logistics industry.  In 2013 Innolift UK was created after recognising a need for the Innolift in the logistics industry for the UK.  

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The Innolift Machine was trialled for Bluebox Same Day Couriers in 2012.  The trial was a huge success for the business leading to a continued partnership for over 9 years.  Our mission is to build on from this providing logistics companies all over the country with the Innolift machines, helping companies carry their cargo along with the Innolift machine safely and efficiently as possible.


Our vision is for every courier company or any business with delivery needs, using the Innolift machine.  It saves on time by carrying the Innolift with the goods to its destination, it eliminates any health & safety issues and it replaces the need for Tail lifts.

We continue to work closely with Frendix in Finland helping them with our own ideas in progressing and developing the Innolift range.

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